long long binpow(long long a, long long b) {
    if (b == 0)
        return 1;
    long long res = binpow(a, b / 2);
    if (b % 2)
        return res * res * a;
        return res * res;

// The Philosophy of Open Source Software to Make your Life more Easy and Freedom and Powerful.

Welcome to NSR Information Systems Website, Make your Business more easy and powerful with our IT Solutions Services.

Our Power Technology

    Information Technology

    • Information Systems.
    • Design Databases.
    • Networking Solutions.
    • Computer Services.

    Websites Development

    • Developerment & Designing.
    • Websites Hosting.
    • Email Hosting.
    • Cloud Servers Solutions.

    Open Source Projects

    • Linux OS.
    • PHP Programing Language.
    • Python Programing Language.
    • Open Source CMS.

    Advance Services

    • Internet of Things.
    • Microcontrollers Programing.
    • Robotics Technologys.
    • AI & Deep Learning (SOON).

    NSR Information Systems is a small business in the Kingdom of Bahrain, our field in information technology and systems, we provide excellent services for our customers, We provide the best of our knowledge and expertise and support services to the benefit of customers and users.

    Basic Programs +(Open Source)


    LibreOfficeopenofficefreeofficeXournal++JoplinGnuCashHomeBankadobereaderfoxitreader Calibre

    Linux OS Only:


    kdenlineopenshot Natron ardour audacity lmms Mixxx HandBrakempcvlcobs


    vcode eclipse intellij PyCharm netbeans emacsatomgeany


    imgburn peazip 7 zip

    Linux OS Only:


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