How space is Unlimited?

We use the best and fastest servers equipped with the best ways to protect, and you can upload your files to the highest extent possible, in this case we are increasing the capacity of hard drives we have, it does not cost us a lot.

How strong that protection?

We use the best and fastest servers equipped with the best means of protection from intrusion a group of information systems, they are safe and impenetrable, so your site will be safe with the observation of these conditions: 
1 - there is no spyware on your computer (and Trojan horses that steal the credentials of the various programs, configuration files (FTP clients, Dream Weaver, ...).

2 - Lack of security vulnerability in your computer or the site for the manufacture of various attacks possible (SQL injection, XSS, ...), and the use of software written to contain security holes as they may cause to penetrate the site and recommend the-fly software such as a formal, documented : (Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Simple Machines, WordPress).

3 - security updates (something that should be manually configured by site administrators can not be fixed with automated security updates: (weak passwords, insufficient permissions strictly limited accounts, files and directories with world write permissions, ...).

Ensure technical support

Support for participants in a period not exceeding more than 24 hours from the opening of the card, taking into account that the maximum time to respond to the specific card does not mean that those cards are not addressed only over this time, but time is not exceeded in response to the cards even in the most extreme conditions

24 / 7 support 365 days a year by phone and e-mail and Live Chat.

Ensure that the site

The continued availability of on-line site of great importance, therefore, guarantee the availability of Space Tech site to visitors by 99.9% of the time, or the rate of failure does not exceed 8:45 hours per year, with a note; that this time does not mean the need for site is down for this period, but to ensure that uninterrupted availability of the site of the line under the most extreme conditions the total stops for the duration of the year warranty period.

Ensure that facilitate the transition to another service provider

In the event's desire to site hosted on our servers (for one reason or another) the transfer of your site to another service provider; guarantees the company to facilitate the transition process; to provide a compressed version of a complete and updated the site to be unable to manage the site from being transferred to the new server, with the provision of domain control panel, if The domain is registered with the company to be unable to manage the site to change its settings by area and link the new without obstacles. Customer gets a control panel range when the transfer request to another service provider without obstacles, to clear him by the company.


We do a backup every 3 days for all servers by all sites and save it for emergencies, but we keep them as a Image, and we recommend that this be scientific backup is the responsibility of the client and is a backup of the site every day or week or month, to avoid the loss data in emergency situations, copy the content of files and databases.

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